Texts of clever satire, a changing of emotions between "easy listening" and "moving pictures“

Swinging, melodic guitar accompaniment attuned to the lyrics.



Wilfried Mengs - is a traveling musician, award winning songwriter and producer, who also runs his own record label. His songs have been heard over the air waves in Germany, the BBC in Great Britain, Romania and the USA.

He has been recently featured on national German television and is well loved by young an old for his fun family concerts. Wilfried is well versed in "roots music "of both America and his own German land and sings at ease in both languages.

While some of his songs are written in English, Wilfried also like to delight his international audiences by giving them a taste of the old country by singing a few songs in the original old German text, spiced with romantic tales of castles, knights, and legends from the old troubadours. As a producer and owner of Laura records, Wilfried has been promoting new songwriters and has also been involved as a sponsor for song writing contests.



Newspapers wrote:

A concert with funny, happy and contemplative songs was given by Wilfried Mengs and his family. Old and young was integrated dancing and singing.


Music award of the Hanns- Seidel- foundation, Munich. The stars of tomorow caused a real storm of enthusiasm...

...blues and folk elments, as soon as several picking techniques made little works of art of every one of his songs.


To old musicians fiddle music he gives new spirit, ...his songs evoke pictures in the listener. The songwriter finds a direct and

intimate language for his emotions and feelings.



Listen to the CD: Balloonadventure - a musical Journey around the world

The program is called " Balloon Adventure " and is an interactive program for children developed by German Songwriter Wilfried Mengs and adapted into English by Vermont Folk Singer Rik Palieri and translator Heidi Holzer .This program takes children around the world in an imaginary balloon ride , experiencing the music of such countries as ; Russia, Australia, China, Spain, Africa, America, Poland and Germany. Each country is celebrated in song and story using many instruments including , guitar, banjo, drums, Didgerioo, ukulele, native American flutes and Polish bagpipes.

contact: Wilfried Mengs, Tel. +49 (0)163 / 68 55 88 6, E-Mail: wilfriedmengs@icloud.com